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The Passing of Paradise

The Passing of Paradise

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By Molly Lemmons

Beautiful and talented, pianist and singer, Kendra Tinker thinks she has found life-long happiness when she meets and marries Keith Kouch. Her short-lived paradise passes into oblivion as more and more secrets of his past and his personality are revealed. Kendra’s not sure what is more painful, her broken wrists…or her broken heart

What They Are Saying About The Passing Of Paradise

The Passing of Paradise takes readers from the bliss of love to the abuse of a spouse. Written with compassion and Christian insights, this story examines a difficult situation in the light of the Word of God.

Kendra’s unsophisticated innocence will touch readers’ hearts. The author has dramatically contrasted the good and the evil. Eloquent writing and well-defined characters take this issue to the minds of readers, as they wonder what Kendra will decide. God’s Word on the subject of marriage is quoted and discussed in the context of the story. There are a series of twists and turns that will alternately surprise and shock readers. An interesting touch was setting the story in the 1950’s. There were more taboos against divorce during that time, which made it an even more difficult decision.

The Passing of Paradise was a well-written book about an often unspoken sin.

—Joyce Handzo

Dancing Word Reviewer


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