The Search For The Icon Bandit

By DB Dakota

His tortured face signals fear and anguish for his upcoming exploit … does not want to do it: Creep into the museum and heist the million-dollar icon. “Set a thief, old Beelzebub advises, to catch a thief. So I be thief two.” To trap number one. “And go to Leavenworth.” When caught.

Midnight, with crowbar in hand the contractor creeps up, pries open the side door and makes off with the famous silver cross to gift the developer. Reckoning comes. He’s invited into moneybags’ home. There on a pedestal, unrecognized, converted to a sculpture, is the great cross. The museum property takeover scheme unfolds: “Me, sabotage the Old Stone Church?” the contractor asks. Answer, “You bribed me, I’m bribing you.”