By Sr. Christine Kresho 

When God appears again on earth, this time as a daughter, she is killed because her message of love threatens those who cling to power. The search for her killer reveals scandals and cover-ups, but this time, the second time God walked among us, a powerful institution will change forever.

What They Are Saying About The Second Time Around

Novelists, as opposed to non-fiction writers, have the privilege and duty to present the “what if’s” of life. The Second Time Around prophetically examines current crises in the Church and in effect society in general and the need to address difficult issues honestly. Murder, manipulation and control through sexual abuse, usurping the loyalty of the faithful drives this mystery novel. Cover-ups of injustices historically have returned to haunt and tarnish the reputation of Church leaders. Openness to the loving wisdom of the Spirit, honest living and contrite heartsare the surest means of survival; not only for the Church, but for any nation or worthy organization.

Bro. Joshua, SSP (Society of St. Paul)

Author of Hawk Dancer

The Second Time Around by Sr. Christine Kresho, is a modern day allegory of the Roman Catholic Church. The first time around, Jesus Christ was put to death by the “powerful leaders” of the Jewish faith.

Jesus was all about accepting marginalized people. His message was love, not control, not power over others. In The Second Time Around, the author presents a group of dedicated believers who try to do the same: accept people for who they are, practice forgiveness, care for others and not fall in line with people in power.

Sr. Kresho presents the characters whose lives become threatened by a cover up at the highest levels of the local Church. Murder, kidnapping and broken vows add to the power of the plot. Well written and thought provoking. A good read.

Barbara Beadles

Author of childrens’ books:

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