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The Stone Collie (The Foxglove Corners Series Book 20)

The Stone Collie (The Foxglove Corners Series Book 20)

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By Dorothy Bodoin

Jennet Ferguson’s discovery of a collie puppy chained without water in the yard of a vacant house leads to further mysteries when the puppy disappears only to be replaced by another who could be a litter sister.

In the meantime, Lucy Hazen, Foxglove Corners’ renowned horror story writer, is mystified when her characters appear to come alive and scenes from her work-in-progress are duplicated in real life. As the strange happenings escalate, Jennet realizes that Lucy herself may be in danger.

What They Are Saying About The Stone Collie

Eerie goings-on are happening in The Stone Collie, Dorothy Bodoin’s twentieth installment in The Foxglove Corners Mysteries.

The story begins with the heroine, Jennet Ferguson, school teacher/amateur sleuth, finding a collie puppy tied behind a vacant house. Immediately, the reader is engaged with questions about the welfare of the wee dog, why she was left there and if she will be okay.

However, the biggest question that looms over Foxglove Corners is—What is going on with Lucy Hazen?

A dear friend of Jennet’s, Lucy, who writes popular horror stories for teenagers, is hard at work on her newest novel. Shocked over what is beginning to happen in her life, she summons Jennet to her home, where she confides that something she wrote in her fictional world came true in real life. She had written about a stone statue in the woods, then found one in her own woods. Shortly after that, Lucy gives a reading at the local library and two girls arrive to listen, looking identical to Hazen’s made-up characters. The plot heats up when copies of Hazen’s recent release Devilwish keep on disappearing from the library, and then dozens of them appear on Lucy’s porch, with black X’s defacing their covers.

In the meantime, Jennet discovers yet another puppy tied behind the vacant house; a young girl named Jennifer disappears, and who in the world is Zachary Drummond and what is he up to?

Once again Foxglove Corners is in jeopardy, held hostage to the evil surrounding it.

With the help of Jennet’s colorful compatriots, notably Annica and Brent and, of course, her loving husband Crane, she plugs away at the strange occurrences, gets to the bottom of it all, and restores peace to Foxglove Corners. But not for long, I am sure.

Bodoin’s tales of Jennet Ferguson are delightful and always leave you wanting more. There is a cast of characters that quickly wins over your heart, making them feel like your best friends, and an aura of spookiness hovers over each story. This one doesn’t disappoint, for I found myself riffling through the pages to get to the end. I heartily recommend it and will be looking forward to the next installment.

Suzanne Hurley

Author of The Teddy Bear Eye Club and Love?



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