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The Teddy Bear Eye Club

The Teddy Bear Eye Club

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By Suzanne M. Hurley

Sometimes a person walks into your life and changes it forever.

That is exactly what happened to fourteen-year-old Mayah Lewis.

Depressed, she hides from the world, until she meets a new girl, beautiful bald-headed Celeste Daniels. Her love of life, inspires Mayah to live again.

Everything begins looking up, until one day, Celeste disappears.

What They Are Saying About The Teddy Bear Eye Club

Occasionally an author will look deep into her heart and soul and write a book that connects directly to the heart of the reader.  Such a book is The Teddy Bear Eye Club, Suzanne Hurley’s new young adult release.  I cannot recommend it highly enough.  It is down-to-earth, hopeful, and never preachy.  Truly a ‘heart’ book.

Through disappointments, trials, and triumphs, The Teddy Bear Eye Club unfolds to reach a conclusion which leaves the reader satisfied and with a sense of joy.  This, I can assure you, is not an easy task for a novelist, but Ms. Hurley manages it gracefully and expertly with a touch of humor here and there, with the antics of a stray dog named Spunky, and with young characters so real we believe they had an existence beyond the pages of this book.

A writer who has worked with young people as a high school counselor, Ms. Hurley has a rare talent for portraying their world as it is, with all the ugliness, the loveliness, and the sublime.  She knows the way they talk, the problems and challenges they face, and the way they think and act.

 I urge you to read The Teddy Bear Eye Club and become acquainted with Mayah’s world.  Her story will stay with you long after you finish the book.

Dorothy Bodoin

Multi-published writer, Suzanne M. Hurley’s latest release The Teddy Bear Eye Club is a super-inspirational, emotionally touching story based on a real student. This story is about a high school girl having trouble liking herself. Assigned to be a reporter for the high school newsletter, Mayah Lewis, learns the truth about accepting yourself for who you are, and that striving to follow your life’s dream, no matter how difficult it may appear, is all up to your own resolve. This is a definite must read for teenagers wishing they were someone else.

Jo Ellen Conger.

The Teddy Bear Eye Club is a unique journey that each of us pass through during our years in high school. Mayah Lewis, a fourteen-year-old grade nine student, struggles with how she feels about herself and the friends around her. She is like most of us, searching to find her identity and to see how she fits in. And like most of us we find that way through relationships we develop. The new student Celeste Daniels fascinates Mayah by her courage in the face of real life issues. Mayah grows to know her by interviewing her for the school newsletter. The concept of finding your rightful place and developing your own self-esteem are explored through Mayah and her friends, Celeste, Freddy, Danni, and Kitty. It is clear that we all have our own journeys and we all face real challenges in our lives. And together we can help each other out along the way.

The author Suzanne M. Hurley does a masterful job of exploring the lives of teenagers and develops a positive uplifting message that can benefit all of us. This book is a must read.

Peter Hurley

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