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The Weaver's Loom

The Weaver's Loom

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By P. L. Reid

Anxious about the wreckage piling up in her life, Magdalena decides to settle the mystery surrounding her past. She discovers that a secret love affair between her birth parents years earlier began to unravel just as the political environment in Nazi Germany was bleeding over into neighboring states. Nazi death squads were on the move, hunting “undesirables.” Faced with slow starvation, Magdalena’s Gypsy mother made one fateful decision - one that marked the beginning of her gradual descent into madness.

A story about forgiveness, The Weaver’s Loom explores the struggles of two beautiful cultures, bound together by the great human tragedy, the Holocaust. This is no political novel. It is an illumination of an enduring friendship between two unlikely women with an indomitable will to live, and a story about the special bond between Romanies and Jews, of which the Romanies, and a good many Jews, are keenly aware.

What They Are Saying About The Weaver’s Loom

The Weaver’s Loom,

“Very intriguing and sensual writing. [The author’s] inner poet certainly shines through. Great background development and storyline premise.”

Dianne Helm, CEO

Helm Publishing


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