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The Welcome Inn

The Welcome Inn

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By Elaine Cantrell

Julianna can’t stand Buck Abercrombie! He’s rude, chauvinistic, and exasperating, and he’s her new boss. Why wouldn’t the bank loan her the money to buy The Welcome Inn? As manager she has proved her worth.

Worse yet, Buck’s criminal brother Travis works for him, and her friend Melanie likes him!

What They Are Saying About The Welcome Inn

Elaine Cantrell has crafted a tight story so skillfully the principals each are able to follow their own stories. The secondary characters are well played and the hero and heroine cleverly play off of them. This is a tried and true unwanted baby story but none I’ve ever read before could sustain the sexual tension throughout the entire book. I’ve never been to a Bed and Breakfast, but this tale makes me want to make a reservation. Ms. Cantrell has a light hand with the comic aspects of this delightful tale. This is her first book that I have read but I assure you, it will not be the last. If you want a great summer read pick up The Welcome Inn.

—A. Dee Carey

The Foxlady

Visit Narnia on fox paws

The Welcome Inn is a fast-paced romance with likeable, well-drawn characters that is bound to keep the reader turning pages. This lively romance will put a smile on your face. The setting is realistic. Having been a motel manager, I can attest to that. I sincerely believe that Elaine Cantrell is a talented, clever writer, and look forward to her next novel.

—Jeannine D. Van Eperen,

award-winning author of

Memory and Desire,

Heir to the Good Times

and Daughter of Spain.

Elaine Cantrell has penned a compelling tale filled with intrigue and action. The Welcome Inn is also a wonderful romance. The main and secondary characters are well drawn and totally embraceable. The Abercrombie brothers are both heroes. Julianna and Buck kept me guessing until the end and Buck’s bad boy of a brother was a wonderful part of the plot as well. I thoroughly enjoyed The Welcome Inn and hope that Ms. Cantrell takes us back to visit the Abercrombie family in her future novels.

—Mallary Mitchell

Ms. Cantrell has written a fast-paced story that features witty dialogue and lots of action not to mention, two very strong and stubborn characters. A well-written story that makes the reader cheer for the protagonists! Julianna is a beautiful, gutsy heroine who is smart enough to give up her misplaced preconceptions and reach out for the love of a good man. Buck is a hero to cheer for and dream of. Old fashioned, protective and oh so… sexy! The Welcome Inn is a thoroughly wonderful story!

—Rita Thedford

author of Tempted

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