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The Witches Of Foxglove Corners (The Foxglove Corners Series Book 5)

The Witches Of Foxglove Corners (The Foxglove Corners Series Book 5)

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By Dorothy Bodoin

When Marla Holland falls to her death on the stairs of the Foxglove Corners Public Library, nobody realizes that she has been poisoned. In her life, Marla antagonized several people, including Jennet Greenway on the night of her murder, but which one of her enemies killed her?

Distracted by a battle to save Marla’s collie from will-ordered euthanasia and a Halloween prankster who threatens Jennet and her dog, Jennet doesn’t realize that she is in line to become the killer’s next victim.

What They Are Saying About The Witches Of Foxglove Corners

The Witches of Foxglove Corners is a mesmerizing read that keeps the reader hanging like a thread through a mirage of events until the culprit is found. The story with Jennet and Crane flow smoothly while they uncover clues in this fabulous story full of intrigue and creativity that comes alive within the pages. Ms. Bodoin’s remarkable talent for weaving a plot with satisfying characters holds the readers interest from beginning to end. This is a brilliant and spellbinding novel certain to please. Mystery lovers will not be disappointed with this gratifying addition to the Foxglove Corners Series. I absolutely loved it!

—Linda Lattimer
Skeletons Too Close To Home

The Witches Of Foxglove Corners is a beguiling read that moves easily from frosty shimmering streams to wild storms, from a dog named Sky to a green-eyed wild cat called Blackberry. You’ll find yourself joining Jennet as she ponders clues and munches on a muffin. You’ll want to sit across from Jennet and her beau, Sheriff Crane Ferguson, as they talk shop, speak of their mutual love and bring the mystery to its conclusion. And if you haven’t already, you will definitely want to get hold of all the earlier book and walk and work again with Jennet Greenway, Michigan’s beloved, fictional sleuthing daughter.

—Shirley Shenkel
Black Snow Rising
August 2006



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