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Thrones For The Innocent

Thrones For The Innocent

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By C. W. Kesting

From creation to conclusion—mothers never let go.
During times of hardship or championship—mothers never let go.
And when certain things become absolutely necessary…
A mother will never let go.

What They Are Saying About Thrones For The Innocent

Thrones For The Innocent, by C.W. Kesting, delivers a tale filled with the intensity of loss, guilt and sorrow. The journey to hope and redemption—with all the mind twists and ethereal turns—is surprising and satisfying. A great paranormal read!

*lizzie starr

~Prince of Dark Ness

Kesting has written a heart-wrenching story of love, despair and rebirth with descriptions so vivid as to make one think they were real and not on the page…a flowing tale that interweaves the real and the paranormal while exploring the balance of the universe. He writes with a multi-faceted style: at once simple, but powerful in both the narration and the description of the bleakness of a lost child…yet ethereal when discussing the mystical complexities of the soul.

~Katherine Petersen;

SF Site reviews

Every parent’s nightmare will become a special purgatory for you in this supernatural tale of guilt, grief, and redemption. Kesting does not tug at your strings, he yanks them, grabbing both heart and breath as he pulls you into and through a story - and a dimension - that is simply all too real to ignore. His powerful descriptions and dialog, talents he establish, in his first novel, Rubicon Harvest, take a quantum leap forward as Thrones for the Innocent grips you, shakes you, and leaves you nearly senseless at the end - but yearning for more.

David Clark, Sunset Dancer

Yorrik’s Lot

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