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Under the Skin

Under the Skin

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By Vera Berry Burrows


For just over twenty years, Emma Williams, alone, has raised her mixed race child, Daniel, in Jamaica. His British immigrant father is BJ Johnson, a renowned authority on racial divisions in 1970’s Britain, a prolific writer and respected public speaker. When he reappears in Emma’s life, BJ expects to pick up where they left off in 1950, but after her initial joy at seeing him again, Emma becomes totally confused and feels unable to distinguish between what was and what is.

Will they be able to overcome the present complications in what both considered to be the love of their lives? Will their son Daniel’s efforts to bring them together again be successful? Even though they both remember how their love was overpowering and all-consuming, BJ feels they will find it all again, but Emma cannot clearly see what the future holds for them together. Confusion reigns. With so much to discuss and so little time to do it, will love conquer all?


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