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Valissa’s Home

Valissa’s Home

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By Agnes Alexander

Valissa Prescott’s half-brother has gambled away her Galveston estate, Heartsong and it’s been bought by Nathan Stone a hardnosed cowboy and businessman who owns several businesses in Galveston. Though she has three weeks to vacate the estate, he arrives early to claim his property. Without money or anywhere to go, Valissa has no choice but to remain at house until she can find somewhere else to go, which turns out harder than she realized.

Since the loss of her estate, she has been shunned by Galveston society and all her friends except one have turned their backs on her. Determined to make it, Valissa slips to the docks to sell some of her gowns. Here she runs into a saloon owner who decides she would make the perfect woman to attract more business to his bordello.

Nathan is trying to find out who is stealing from his business and doesn’t want to get involved, but finds himself protecting the foolish woman. Things really get complicated when two different woman arrive claiming to be Nathan’s fiancé.

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