By Lara MacGregor

King Goran, The Tyrant, resents his brother, Corentin, for winning his throne and wants revenge even though he is due to inherit another kingship. He gets creative. Corentin’s wife, loyal younger brother, and closest friends will be dragged into it. Relationships will be tested, and lives threatened as an evil king makes war with his honorable brother.

What They Are Saying About War Between Brother Kings

5 Stars!

An exciting romance built around a handful of souls who bond as if a family intent on encouraging good fellowship…a tender relief from today’s world of human hardship.

Lara MacGregor has that knack of painting her characters with such flourish, yet somehow illustrating love and mateship in a trail of doubt and question, an envious ability.

Its sense of mateship and care for friends is persistently warming.

Kev Richardson

Award-winning author of numerous books,

most recently the Soul of Australia series


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