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Wart and Jenny: The Once and Future

Wart and Jenny: The Once and Future

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By Gene  Murray

The story intersects and echoes the epic romance and tragedy of Arthur and Guinevere. Wart is a journalism student and Jenny a physics student. They meet in college in the seventies, and break up after a confrontation between Wart, a pacifist, and Jenny’s father, a former Air Force major. They meet again several years later, renew their romance, and break-up again over their different perspectives on the war in Viet Nam.

Lawrence is a career Air Force pilot separated from Jenny by his military posting. During a flight, he has a crisis of faith which causes him to resign his commission and dedicate himself to a life of service to God. As in the Lancelot tale, a brief encounter with Elaine leads to a sexual relationship and the birth of a child.


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