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Where the Fire Thorns Grow

Where the Fire Thorns Grow

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By Marilyn Nichols Kapp

There is a hole in Maggie Dawson’s memory the size of a year. She has relocated all the way across the country and knows no one except the charming Federal Agent assigned to protect her from friends of the powerful man she helped send to prison. So who is tormenting her with phone calls, mysterious sounds, and smells? Who delivered a dead kitten to her doorstep? Could it be the agent, Brad Phillips? Has Justin Dykes made good on his promise to find her? Or is it all in her mind as the authorities believe?

What They Are Saying About Where the Fire Thorns Grow

Suspense, paranormal, romance: All three of these elements are deftly interwoven into the unfolding events in Where the Fire Thorns Grow. This is an excellent read! I stayed on the edge of my seat as I read this book, my anticipation at its highest peak as Marilyn Kapp took me on an adventure into suspense that thrilled and captured my attention until the very last page. Ms. Kapp’s talent as a storyteller amazes me as she crosses genres as easily as crossing the road. Readers buy this book: you will not regret it!

***** Five stars

—Jewel Dartt

Midnight Scribe Reviews

Where the Fire Thorns Grow is a very good book to sit back and relax with. The author has included quite a few twists and turns to keep you guessing throughout the book. Although this book is listed as a Romantic Suspense, I felt that it fell more into the Suspense genre than the Romance which I personally was pleased with.

The twists and turns the author takes you on from here will amaze you and the end results are surprising. This is definitely a good book for those that don’t care for the heavy psychological thriller books.

—Tracy Eastgate

Tracy’s Book Reviews

Where the Fire Thorns Grow held my interest from the first page, the suspense rising with each chapter until it became a first-class can’t-put-it-down story. It’s listed as romantic suspense, but I particularly appreciated the paranormal element and cheered when the author used this so perfectly at the climax.

Though the identity of the villain becomes clear to the reader much sooner than to the bedeviled heroine, this only serves to heighten the tension because now the reader understands all too well what terrible danger the heroine faces at his hands.

A spine-chilling page-turner from a writer who knows how to scare the reader with suggestion, a rare talent. It’s almost anti-climactic that she also has the ability to create a very satisfying romance. What a thrill to read this great book on my Rocket eReader! But whether or not you own a Rocket to read it on, don’t miss Where the Fire Thorns Grow.

****4 Stars

—Scribes World Reviews

Reviewed by Jane Toombs


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