By Suzanne M. Hurley

Who killed the beloved principal of St. Michael’s High School?

Newly minted FBI agent Samantha Barclay’s first case is to find the murderer.

Disguised as a grief counselor, she sets off to St. Michael’s High School in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Only one problem.

Everyone she meets has a reason to see him dead. Not only that, against her FBI boss Ryan Leam’s wishes, she becomes immersed in the problems of several students.

Will she uncover who did it - before he or she strikes again?

What They Are Saying About Who Did It

In Who Did It?, Ms. Hurley spins a tight, dark novel of romantic suspense with her characteristic touches of humor.  She gives us a heroine we can admire, perhaps wish to emulate, and would definitely want for a friend.  In fact, after reading several Samantha Barclay books, I feel as if I’d just visited with a good friend who’s been away too long.

Dorothy Bodoin

Suzanne M. Hurley’s latest Samantha Barclay Mystery, Who Did It? will keep you on your toes, trying to deduce just who-did-it. Suzanne is a master-raconteur when it comes to weaving evil crimes vs. clever clues throughout her book…and yet, always delivers a surprise ending.

Jo Ellen Conger –

Who Did It? is a complex story that lets the reader follow the mind and the work of a competent woman who is able to look beyond the exteriors of places and people, and who draws the reader into an intricate situation satisfactorily, not giving away too much of the mystery, yet keeping the reader involved in trying to find out if Jayson truly killed his father.

I must say Who Did It? is simply my favorite type of a “who dun it.” Suzanne M. Hurley truly draws her readers into the story smoothly, keeps her reader wondering and gathering clues along with the interesting heroine, Samantha. I loved the fact that the author kept the story from becoming gory, her vocabulary is clean, and the heroine moral. We need more books like that. I look forward to Suzanne M. Hurley’s next book.

Jeannine D. Van Eperen

Award winning author

Samantha Barclay embarks on an exciting new adventure as a member of the FBI. Her skills as an intuitive investigator are once again put to the test. Her intelligence and gut feelings as a student of the human personality come into play, as she interviews students, teachers and family members, trying to understand the dynamics of the murder of a prominent secondary school principal. With setbacks and triumphs, Samantha unravels the complex circumstances surrounding the murder and brings peace and justice to the local community once again. A must read for all Samantha Barclay enthusiasts.

Peter Hurley



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