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By Mike Polis

In defiance of a centuries-old curse, the Heritage share a gift. The best of both worlds, they live among men, but away from prying eyes can shift to lupine form. Incredibly powerful, nearly impervious to injury, and with heightened senses, this community carefully, and often brutally, guards its secret, even if it means sacrificing friends and family.

Jack and Burt enforce the laws of Heritage Vermont, keeping the town safe from itself, and the world safe from the Heritage. The Heritage gift is a dual existence which, if abused, could potentially destroy everything in its path. When a few radicals decide the dark side of the gift should be embraced, Jack and Burt act to contain the uprising. While they do their best to put down the increasing numbers of transgressors, it is the few and least likely of people who may find a way to thwart the growing pandemic.
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