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The Botticelli Caper

The Botticelli Caper

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By Sarah Wisseman

Conservator Flora Garibaldi discovers that several paintings in Florence’s Uffizi Gallery have been replaced by clever forgeries. Where are the original artworks, and who’s in charge of the smuggling operation? Flora’s efforts to help the police make her the target of a criminal mastermind and murderer.

What They Are Saying About The Botticelli Caper

About Burnt Siena, the first book in the Flora Garibaldi Art History Mystery series:

The author of the Lisa Donahue Archaeological Mysteries launches a new series that provides the perfect antidote for mystery buffs who still miss Iain Pears’s mysteries featuring British art dealer Jonathan Argyll.

Library Journal

About Catacomb, the second book in the Flora Garibaldi Art History Mystery series:

Dr. Wisseman’s extensive archaeological experience produces vivid and accurate descriptions as clues in a recovered diary guide her characters deeper into murky subterranean tunnels filled with danger and intrigue.

—Marie Moore

Author of The Sidney Marsh Murder Mystery Series

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