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Magic Aegis (The Aegis Series Book 1)

Magic Aegis (The Aegis Series Book 1)

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By Rhobin Lee Courtright

The ancient witch Chloe bound four men, Aegis, and their descendants, to eternal duty protecting Kaereya from invasion. Generations later, only the superstitious believe in witches and Aegis magic.

Devastated by a callous and false suitor, Vesper accepts the clansman Drew Montoren's offer of handfast. Confused and full of self-doubt, dream visions plague Vesper. News of the royal family’s murder and rumors of imminent invasion come to the clansmen, tormenting Vesper with guilt, for this is the vision that haunts her. She swears to follow her visions and use them against the approaching evil.

What They Are Saying About.Magic Aegis

A Cinderella is found and claimed by a man who will grow to be an unforgettable hero. Mayhem, intrigue, and murder invade the royal court. Enemies from without and within threaten the land. Can the spells from she who lived in the past be fulfilled?

From start to finish, Rhobin Courtright holds the reader spellbound in a web of suspense that doesn't stop until the story's end. This isn't a book for the timid or tame. It is a roller coaster read with captivating characters entrapped in a thrill filled plot, which is set in a world of mystical mystery and spine tingling suspense.

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