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Beauty For Ashes

Beauty For Ashes

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By Jane Anstey

Devastated by the death of his father and the loss of his first love Sammy to an unhappy marriage, Luke Carson leaves a promising career in Hollywood to search for a new life in England. His efforts to put the past behind him and find happiness with new friends seems doomed to failure. Then his despair attracts the romantic interest of Dee, an 18-year-old student, who is determined to win his affection at all costs. But Luke cannot forget Sammy, nor leave her to struggle alone as her husband descends into obsessive jealousy and paranoia.

Luke finds himself enmeshed in two love triangles, one reaching back into a nostalgically remembered past, the other threatening to blight his future. When the triangles of love collide, past and present vie for supremacy in his journey of the soul. Can Dee oust Sammy from Luke’s memory, or will the emotional ties to his first love prove too strong?

What They Are Saying About Beauty For Ashes

This... epic love story with several intriguing sub plots... keeps the reader glued to the end.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story of love that will not die and the turmoil of friends who are there for each other despite all that happens to rip them apart.

—Anne Ireland,

Beauty For Ashes was a great summer read of the complexities of relationships in a 21st century setting. The characters draw your interest from the beginning. When the story ends you are left imagining what will happen next. It would be a good companion to Joyce Meyers book of the same title which deals with emotional healing for Christians (a spiritual advice book).

—Gwen Gross

Beauty for Ashes was shortlisted for the Romantic Novelists Association New Writers Scheme in the UK.



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