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Cry For The Fox (The Foxglove Corners Series Book 2)

Cry For The Fox (The Foxglove Corners Series Book 2)

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By Dorothy Bodoin

When Jennet Greenway witnesses the murder of an animal activist and meets charismatic Caroline Meilland, she finds herself involved in the controversies and dangers that surround Caroline’s animal rights organization.

Then the killer strikes again, leaving a bloodstained toy fox next to the body, and Jennet’s desire to help animals turns deadly.

What They Are Saying About Cry For The Fox

Dorothy Bodoin writes a satisfying, tight mystery with characters everyone will enjoy. Along the way, savor the vagaries of a Michigan autumn and a killer Halloween party.

If you love animals, mysteries, Michigan, quietly titillating romance, strong woman, understanding man (Crane the deputy sheriff is a yummy character—handsome, strong, quiet, opinionated, arrogantly domineering, and really smitten with Jennet. Probably because she doesn’t need him to complete her life, but desires him as a life partner) you’ll love this story.

Robin Lee Courtright
Magic Aegis

Although the fare in A CRY FOR THE FOX is more philosophical and a bit darker than the other Foxglove Corner mysteries, I found it even more satisfying for those very reasons. This is a brilliant novel and a great mystery! The characters are more intriguing than ever and the mystery has more twists and turns that any roller-coaster ride. Forget television, forget the movies, but don't forget to pick up a copy of A CRY FOR THE FOX! You'll never forgive yourself if you miss this treat—a rare mix of the cozy, the romantic, the sinister, and the soul-searching all in under 300 pages. Once again, Ms. Bodoin has managed to create a mystery that captures the heart—as well as all the reader's free time!

Beverly Forehand
Roundtable Reviews

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