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Devil's Due (Black Angel Series Book 3)

Devil's Due (Black Angel Series Book 3)

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By Rhobin Lee Courtright

In an unexpected reversal of fate, Jezlynn Chambers finds herself not only serving on a Space Service Corps Ship, but under the command of Captain Lucian Krayne, the only man she’s ever loved, the one she left. Her mission to contact the Khajari government before the current truce erupts into warfare turns into her a fight for survival and Jezlynn finds it’s one thing to think you can accomplish a goal, quite another to achieve it.

What They Are Saying About Devil’s Due

Rhobin Lee Courtright’s latest Science Fiction release, Devil’s Due, is the third in a series featuring Maj. Jezlynn Chambers as an agent who makes 007 look like a Boy Scout. This book has a well crafted complex plot-line, and is an excellent, fast-paced Science Fiction tale about the multi-talented heroine and her bigger than life adventures. It is a definite keeper.

JoEllen Conger
Conger Reviews

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