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Freedom To Ride The Wind

Freedom To Ride The Wind

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By JoEllen Conger

What happens when you vacation in Cabo San Lucas for your 10th Wedding Anniversary, and you’ve gotten separated from your spouse? Joanne Strong wonders the same thing when she goes to what she thinks is her hotel suite overlooking the historical arches at Cabo, only to find… not her husband, but a naked drunk in her room. Now what should she do? Then, the excitement begins when a handsome stranger comes to her rescue.

What They Are Saying About Freedom To Ride The Wind

Wow! In Freedom to Ride the Wind, JoEllen Conger builds up tension from the moment her heroine discovers a ‘naked bear’ making overtures to her in her hotel room, through discovering a real live ‘handsome prince’ who tries sweeping her off her feet. Is he to succeed?

Royal adventures claim her life throughout an action-packed second honeymoon, from yachting excitement, to assassination gunfights in tropical hideaways.

JoEllen proves herself a master word-smith in this thriller.

Kev Richardson

Historian, Novelist, Biographer

 If you have ever wondered what it is like to sail a boat yourself, smoothly skimming along the waves, the wind in your hair, filled with a sense of the freedom of possibilities, then you will want to read this book. The descriptions are so detailed that I almost felt like I could sail a boat…or strip a weapon to clean it wearing a blindfold…or go deep-sea snorkeling to find a king-sized lobster to have for my dinner. That sense of the freedom to do what you want when you want, being in charge of your own destiny, runs throughout this book, hooking the reader on wanting to do the same.

—Reviewed by Fiona McGier,

The Reyes Family Romances

When I finished JoEllen Conger’s the Freedom To Ride The Wind, I wanted more of the interesting places, hot romantic interludes, and sudden furious action alternating in perfectly timed sequence. The well-developed, living and breathing characters captivate the reader, wishing to have Tim and Joanne for neighbors. This book is five star entertainment, keeping the reader riveted to her/his seat to the last page.

— Gabriel timar

author of Novgorod Diary, Aura of War

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