By Evanell

Having loved and lost Drake in other lives, including her current life in the twenty-first century, Jennifer is delighted when she finds herself catapulted into his life in the middle of the nineteenth century. Mistaking Jennifer for his intended, Drake finds her much easier to deal with after she falls from a tree in his woods. Although he thinks she tricked him into agreeing to wed her, he plans to have a marriage in name only. Now he discovers he wants her to be his wife in every way.

With her gift of sight, Jennifer knows Drake’s charge is impersonating her in the future. When she convinces Drake she isn’t his intended, he promises they will fight the evil wizard who wants her soul together. Then he is thrown from his horse and wounded. Fearing the wizard will never let them live in peace, Jennifer returns to the future only to discover the girl impersonating her is dead and she has no life to reclaim.

What They Are Saying About Glimpse Of Forever

Past and present cross, with twists of fate for lovers, when Jennifer meets her deceased husband in a past century she knows she is destined to leave.

—Nancy Damato,

The Pawn,

Wings ePress, August 2005

Brought together by an opal, torn apart by a wizard, can Jennifer and Dirk be together once more, as they have been in so many previous lives?

Glimpse of Forever by Peggy Evanell is a story of true love that spans many lifetimes. You’ll be holding your breath each time the wizard appears, cheering for the heroine and hero, and sharing in their laughter and tears. A sequel to Glimpse of Eternity, this truly is a story of love everlasting—and hope eternal.

—Angela Verdenius,

Soul of a Hunter,

Wings ePress

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