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Keeper Of The Singing Bones

Keeper Of The Singing Bones

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By Marilyn Gardiner

Juliet is convinced her brother has been kidnapped . Mac thinks he is running guns in Jamaica. Mac is rough-and-tumble. Juliet is every inch a lady. He has lied to her at every juncture. She has zero tolerance for untruthfulness.

Forced to work together to avoid the curse of a native medicine man, Juliet and Mac hack their way through the jungle, cope with the mysteries of a groaning statue found deeply underground in a cave grotto, and come to grips with a mutual growing attraction.

The problem is that they are all wrong for each other. Mac has Rastafari friends, for heaven’s sake, and Juliet is convinced that he is not who he says he is. In a life or death struggle, the stone statue points to the answers.

What They Are Saying About Keeper Of The Singing Bones

“From the moment Juliet finds a naked man in the shower, to slogging through the Jamaican bush, exploring a cave and finally escaping via an underground river, Marilyn Gardiner keeps the action sizzling. Can Juliet trust Mac—with or without clothes? Without trust, can she let herself love him? This talented author brings the characters and action to life for a thrilling, must-read story. Keep an eye on her. She gets better and better.”

Fran Keighley, Author of

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