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Like A River, My Love

Like A River, My Love

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By Marilyn Gardiner

Floating down the Ohio River in 1778 with George Rogers Clark and his small army, Verity survives capture by Indians, the rigors of flatboat transportation, the unwanted attentions of an overbearing and crude fellow-traveler, and all the dangers of the wilderness travel. To her unwelcome surprise, she finds herself responding to the combined patience and rough competence of the expedition’s scout, Trey Owens. She’s never known gentleness from a man, nor loyalty or honesty. Love is most definitely not in her plans. Can she--dare she--trust herself to a man who prizes his freedom above all things?

What They Are Saying About Like a River, My Love

Travel with Verity, Trey and the families under Clark's supervision, as they navigate the Ohio River to their new home in the Illinois Country in 1778.

Characters are well defined and invite readers to share quiet, and harrowing, moments in the long journey. There's not enough time for anyone to become bored, when pressed with the needs of survival. Join them on the flatboats for a close up look, or become part of the forests with eyes watching the weary travelers. Scenic descriptions provide marvelous backdrop for much of the action and will have you turning pages to see the characters work their way through hardships.

Marilyn Gardiner has done well in capturing the essence of the times, and the courage of people to find a new place to start new lives. As depicted by the title, the plot, suspense and romance flow, not always steadily, but sometimes with a fierceness that dares readers to leave the story. Like A River, the tale's depth will hold you fast until you reach the end of the journey.


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