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Mistletoe and Holly (The Windemere Series Book 4)

Mistletoe and Holly (The Windemere Series Book 4)

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By Marilyn Gardiner

Love is not on Bree’s agenda as she plans a perfect Christmas for herself and her small daughter. However, the holiday is thrown into jeopardy when she’s made the target of a stalker. She is terrified. Ty is determined to convince Bree of his love and dependability, but who can she trust?

What They Are Saying About Mistletoe and Holly

Marilyn Gardner is up to her old tricks with another book so suspenseful and full of chills, that you won’t be able to put it down, until you know for sure… who done it!

School teacher, Gabrielle Phillips only thinks she has found safety at last when three years after her divorce, she finally returns to her grandfather’s home in snowy Winsom for the holidays. Her grandfather is determined to set her up with her one-time chum, widowed Ty Larrimore, and his two motherless children. But then a stalker frightens Bree by threatening her, and her twelve year old daughter, Becca.

She thinks she can handle the problem on her own. In her heart she knows it is only her aggressive and abusive ex-husband, Bobby Gene frantically trying to extort money for his addictive drug habit. Or is it? She can’t prove it.  Where else can she run when she is still driving the same old car, and using the same cell phone number as when she was married to him? Bree is one of these people who abhors having to ask for help. Yet, Ty insists on being there at every turn, to help her face the threat and fear of her stalker.

Then Bobby Gene turns up dead. If it isn’t her ex-husband, then who has he tangled with that is even meaner and bader?  What will she have to do to keep her family safe?

JoEllen Conger

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