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Sidden’s Glen

Sidden’s Glen

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By H. L. Chandler 

The Kerrick household is in constant turmoil. Grace’s social-climbing stepmother, Judith, pushes her father, Charles, to spend far beyond his income. Her younger sister, Anna, is a nervous wreck because of their drinking and yelling. Something had to change. When Grace looks for online help, she discovers a website belonging to a Mr. Gold from the planet Arocx. There she learns her dad’s need for money has driven him to embezzlement. Jail is a real possibility. Gold draws Grace in with a promise to save Charles from certain arrest. Frightened by the knowledge of their father’s deep trouble, Grace confides in Anna. Should they take Gold’s offer to save their father, or lose him and be stuck with Judith? The answer was easy, until they learned what they must do in return. The planet Arocx is on the brink of war unless Mr. Gold can retrieve a certain item stolen by his enemy. No one would suspect that two innocent earth children, simple tourist, were Gold’s agents. However, Arocx isn’t exactly as Gold described it. Grace and Anna struggle on a strange planet to keep their part of the bargain and hope Mr. Gold will keep his.


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