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The Kokopelli Caper

The Kokopelli Caper

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 By Karen Hudgins

Who killed renowned archaeologist Dr. Ray McCormick, and why? launches Diane Phipps, P.I., into a new investigation adventure in Colorado. Out of her comfort zone with the mountainous terrain of Peak Village, Diane drives an old pick-up truck while she dusts off facts and digs into Dr. Ray’s personal and professional life for answers. Theories about locals who shot him float about; but none warrant murder--which prompts Diane to sift through time as, surely, his enemy’s motive lurks in the past. When bartender Tex Wayburn is found dead, shock ripples through the community. Diane scrambles to connect the two homicides—but in vain?

Pieces of the puzzles mount up, challenging Diane’s intuition, logic, and determination. An infamous poker game, Dr. Ray’s field trip to Brazil, a well-aimed brick, and the man with a glass eye spike her curiosity. Suspect Used Car Eddie, big beautiful emeralds, prickly goat heads, a rock slide, Kokopelli money clips, and a personal journal help Diane expose hidden truths.

Still, why was Dr. Ray digging holes in his backyard? She faces danger as a perpetrator’s gunpoint almost does her in. But Diane’s wit and grit bags the revengeful killer. Cases closed!


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