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The Warning of the Bells

The Warning of the Bells

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 By Dorothy Bodoin

Jennet's enjoyment of Christmas with Crane and the wedding of her friends, Annica and Brent, is shattered when her "psychic" collie, Misty, is stolen. Her only clues are a stranger who first offered to buy Misty and a torn jingle bell collar left in the snow. As Jennet exhausts lead after lead, she is puzzled to hear the ringing of jingle bells at odd times when there are no bells in sight.

Her search reaches a dead end when she learns that the stranger has given her a false name and a card for a business that doesn't exist. To complicate matters, he seems to have vanished.

Just when she believes she is victorious, a new nemesis emerges, one who is even more dangerous than the dog thief.

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