How to order books

Ordering your novels from Wings ePress

 Retail Price                         author pays                         author savings

$12.95                                     $9.10                                        $3.85               

$13.95                                     $9.76                                        $4.19                 

$14.95                                   $10.46                                        $4.49                 

$15.95                                   $11.17                                        $4.79                 

$16.95                                   $11.86                                        $5.09                 

$17.95                                   $12.56                                        $5.39                 

$18.95                                   $13.26                                        $5.69                 

$19.95                                   $13.96                                        $5.99                 

$20.95                                   $14.66                                        $6.29                 

$21.95                                   $15.36                                        $6.59                 

How it works:

  • The author emails Wings ( requesting a set number of books, the physical address they want the books to go to, and the author's phone number.
  • Wings creates an order on Amazon that gives us all the information we need to get the info to the author, such as shipping, taxes, handling, etc.
  • Wings sends a PayPal invoice to the author with all costs included.
  • The author either pays the invoice from a PayPal account or credit card or prints out the invoice and mails it to the Wings address on the invoice using a personal check.
  • As soon as we get payment, we go back into Amazon and either bring up the order we created and activate it or re-create the order if it has been longer than 24 hours. Amazon takes over from there.