Stone House Farm

By Rhobin Courtright


Amanda Blanchard’s ex-husband caused her financial problems. She still owns her centennial family farm, but property taxes are overdue. She has a good job and owns a mare pregnant with a foal whose sale will pay those taxes, but to sell the last of her father’s prize Morgan horses seems unimaginable. However, she must secure her home to raise her daughter, Kari. When land developer Wade Preston sends her a letter threatening condemnation of her family home if she doesn’t sell him her land, she confronts at his office, telling him she will not sell. Their paths cross once again in the middle of a snowstorm when her dog finds him in her orchard—shot. The storm knocks out the old farmhouse’s electricity and phone. She needs to save Wade’s life, but will whoever shot him try to finish the job? Will whoever wounded him harm her and Kari, too?