Bev Haynes

Bev Haynes, a seasoned author, has been crafting tales for as long as she can recollect. She delves into subjects that truly captivate her, including supernatural entities, historic abodes, and love. Among her various pursuits, her ghost hunting hobby is particularly spine-tingling, as she employs an array of equipment seen on paranormal TV shows. Bev has even captured ethereal orbs, dark shadows, and eerie disembodied voices. While it might be unnerving, she finds it to be a gratifying activity. Some even refer to her as a medium.

Bev, an Aquarius baby-boomer, turns to writing to escape everyday life's realities and stressors. Though she intended to pursue a career as a Biblical Archeologist, her love of family became the priority and led her to get a degree in English and Anthropology.

Despite being from Wyoming, she takes pleasure in the great outdoors in a non-conventional way by taking in the scenic views from her office's expansive window. She relishes spending quality time with her loved ones and assisting others in navigating the complex world of publishing.