By Bev Haynes

In a quaint Wyoming town, Echo Brennan seeks solace in the purchase of a once notorious house of ill repute following the death of her abusive husband. As Echo restores the rundown property into a charming bed and breakfast called The Yellow Bordello, she uncovers a hidden mural beneath layers of wallpaper - a provocative depiction of four women dressed as old-western prostitutes. Desperate to have the mural completed in time for the grand opening, Echo enlists the help of local art conservator, Rand Halstead.

But tragedy strikes again when Rand's twin sister unexpectedly dies in a diving accident. As Echo becomes entangled in visions surrounding the sister's death, the spirits of the mural's women come alive, wreaking havoc upon the newly established business. With supernatural forces, haunting visions, and a murder mystery on their hands, Echo and Rand must navigate the turmoil while their love for each other blossoms - proving that even in death, some connections refuse to die.


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