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FYIs for publishing your manuscript

In the event of your death

 A message via email needs to advise us that, in the event of your death, it is your intention to continue keeping your books available for sale through Wings.

It is also important that we have the name and contact information of the person to whom you wish us to transfer any royalties when the books sell, or whether you would want us to pull your titles from our catalog in the event you are deceased.

Please respond to us at


How to order books

Ordering your novels from Wings ePress

 Retail Price                         author pays                         author savings

$12.95                                     $9.10                                        $3.85               

$13.95                                     $9.76                                        $4.19                 

$14.95                                   $10.46                                        $4.49                 

$15.95                                   $11.17                                        $4.79                 

$16.95                                   $11.86                                        $5.09                 

$17.95                                   $12.56                                        $5.39                 

$18.95                                   $13.26                                        $5.69                 

$19.95                                   $13.96                                        $5.99                 

$20.95                                   $14.66                                        $6.29                 

$21.95                                   $15.36                                        $6.59                 

How it works:

  • The author emails Wings ( requesting a set number of books, the physical address they want the books to go to, and the author's phone number.
  • Wings creates an order on Amazon that gives us all the information we need to get the info to the author, such as shipping, taxes, handling, etc.
  • Wings sends a PayPal invoice to the author with all costs included.
  • The author either pays the invoice from a PayPal account or credit card or prints out the invoice and mails it to the Wings address on the invoice using a personal check.
  • As soon as we get payment, we go back into Amazon and either bring up the order we created and activate it or re-create the order if it has been longer than 24 hours. Amazon takes over from there.