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A Curse That Bites Deep

A Curse That Bites Deep

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By Thomas Fenske

Traces of Treasure Book 2

In this second book of the trilogy ...  Things are getting out of hand in the small West Texas town of Van Horn; several people have died and the police are baffled. Most of the victims seem to have some connection to newcomer Sam, the boyfriend of a popular cafe owner.

He has another secret of his own: he had come to town in search of lost gold, following the clues of a confusing riddle.

As the mystery deepens, Sam realizes that everyone he cares about is in danger. Before he arrived, he had been warned the lost mine was cursed,and although he is not concerned about any curse, danger to his own life, or even his closely guarded secret, the circle of death is beginning to menace those closest to him.
When additional threats are made, he knows he will have to act quickly to stop the killer before the woman he loves becomes the next victim.

Is this the work of a homicidal maniac or is it the curse? Could it be both? And what about the ghosts?

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