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Be Still, My Heart!

Be Still, My Heart!

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By Carol McPhee

Dietitian Andrea Martins believes her heart disease and the law suit behind her are no one's business when she starts her new job.

When Chief of Cardiac Services, Dr. Braeden Landry finds Andrea cozying up to his patients, sparks fly. He doesn't need another lawsuit filed by irate family members.

What They Are Saying About Be Still, My Heart!

“Dietitian Andrea Martin has a special connection with the cardiac patients in the hospital where she works. She believes in living life to the fullest, without regard for time. Dr. Braeden Landry is an overworked but brilliant heart surgeon who has forgotten that life is meant to be lived, and not simply saved. Andrea helps Braeden reconnect with his patients and shows him he needs to live life too, while Braeden gives Andrea her heart's desire. With vivid descriptions, well-drawn characters, and touching plot twists, Carol McPhee brings this romance to a happily-ever-after that is as real as it is satisfying.”

—Paula Altenburg

President, Romance Writers of Atlantic Canada

Carol McPhee is an author to keep an eye on. I highly recommend Be Still, My Heart! A wonderful read from a very talented author who will leave you watching the bookstores for her next book.

—Billie A Williams,

Candlelight And Shadows

Skull Music, June 2005

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