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By Kev Richardson

Brogan Series Book 1

Born in the drifting sands on desert-edge, of drifting parents, his values founded on the rationale of drifting drovers, Brogan’s education is perforce a series of hard-knock experiences, lucky breaks and a witless ignorance of the wider world.

His stumbling adolescence is moulded by ‘yellahaired’ Kelly, witful Sister Angelus, verbose Old Herb, bellicose and brash Bert, poxed and grasping Elsie, venerable old Da’oud and gullible Aunt Lill. When no longer Brogan the Boy but Brogan the Man, his purpose in life becomes a more purposeful yet no less spontaneous adventure.

What They Are Saying About Brogan

I very much enjoyed Brogan—it makes me want to go explore the channel country and corner-country. What a fascinating part of Australian history!

—Karen Babcock, editor

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