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Dancing Ladies (The Windemere Series Book 1)

Dancing Ladies (The Windemere Series Book 1)

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By Marilyn Gardiner

What if you were a young, single mother, desperate for a place of security after two years of trauma, who moved with her seven-year-old son back to her childhood home, and finds it inhabited by the malevolent ghost of her dead twin sister? Kate Foster finds herself in serious jeopardy, as it appears her twin, Leah, is bent on revenge for an act of Kate’s that Leah believes led to her death. Kate has only two allies: her life-long best friend, Bree, and a former heartthrob, Cass Reynolds. The muddy and frightening waters of this terrifying summer are made bearable only by the dawning love between Kate and Cass, and the melding of their lives.

What They Are Saying About Dancing Ladies

Marilyn Gardiner has written a spellbinding story, guaranteed to keep you turning pages to see what happens next. Prepare to stay up late with this one. And don’t read it during an intense rainstorm or in a house that creaks at night.”

--J D Webb

Shepherd’s Pie

Dancing Ladies is an intriguing story of a mother's love and her struggle to make a new and better life for herself and her son. Fresh and vivid descriptions and an emerging romance makes an enjoyable contrast of normalcy to the bizarre undercurrents of Kate's life.

--Heather Garside

The Cornstalk

A Hidden Legacy

This paranormal has just the right amount of romance to keep it grounded. The story has that extra something special, and who doesn't love a heroine that is both talented and strong? I looked forward through the tightly woven plot to the last satisfying page. I give Dancing Ladies Four and a Half Beacons.

--Lighthouse Literary Review


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