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Emma's Camp

Emma's Camp

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By Stuart Ford

Recovering from the kidnapping and death of his wife, James an ex-pat Englishman, builds a safari camp in the rugged wilds of Mozambique. He tries to find peace but is thrust into conflict with poaching, intimidation, and local superstition. The darkness of Africa threatens those he loves and everything he cares for. He must confront the poachers, the men that stole his wife, and combat the local superstitions that condemn him. Events force him to fight for his friends and for the future of Africa. His adventures take him through a living hell of war, black magic, and loss. He risks everything to preserve his beloved Africa and to protect it from the dark forces that threaten it. It is a story of one man’s fight for hope in the dark continent of Africa. James puts everything on the line--the last few vestiges of his sanity, his family, his friends, and his life, in the ultimate fight for what he believes to be right.

What They Are Saying About Emma’s Camp

Stuart Ford does a magnificent job of projecting James’ struggle with his inner fears of inadequacy, his intense loves, and his wariness of the other Emma who pursues him. I particularly loved the masculine voice of Emma’s Camp. This book, full of adventure, gave me a peek into the heart of Africa and her hostile social problems and prejudices. It is a story of lasting love, and how James copes with his personal loss. I highly recommend it.

—JoEllen Conger

Queen of Candelore and Rite of Passage

Mr. Ford stays true to his characters and introduces us to a new aspect of the African culture. The characters go through their own tough times and we find out why Andrew was so gung ho to help James out in the first book. There is a lot of weaving around and even a trip to London to keep up the interest in James’ continuing story, not to mention money for Emma’s Army. Omar and his men are still around and causing trouble and James has figured out a way to handle him. He even figured out a way to make it rain again. Just remember all this takes place on Africa and Mother Africa will extract a price, even from her adopted son

I liked the story and I was glad that Mr. Ford didn’t spend a lot of time retelling the Lost in Africa. I really liked Chui and would like to have spent more time getting to know him, but I think that tells a lot about the story. It is kind of like when you go to a good party and meet a lot of new people, but only when you get home do you realize that you should have spent more time with this person than that person. I definitely recommend this book and look forward to Mr. Ford’s future endeavors.

—Michelle Dragalin

Round Table Reviews

Although reading Lost in Africa is not mandatory, it will give you a more detailed background into previous tragedies and will help to give this novel a greater depth of meaning. By all means, read both!

Africa is a brutal continent and its stories not always easy to take. If you get queasy watching National Geographic, this book is not for you. This is a beautifully written story of life… and death… in a land that is both breathtaking… and deadly. Kudos to Stuart Ford for another good read… and a brilliant conclusion.

—Laurraine Tutihasi

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