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Lucky Strike

Lucky Strike

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By Thomas Fenske

Traces of Treasure Book 3

In this third book in the Trilogy ...  A decades-old grudge surfaces with a vengeance in a small Texas town, throwing café owner Smidgeon Toll and her boyfriend Sam Milton into a life-or-death struggle against the dark misfortune that threatens their lives.

Information in a cryptic note endangers Sam and leads Smidgeon on a confusing cross-country trip seeking clues that will save him. A mysterious stranger's vendetta escalates from inquiries, to threats, and finally, to murder. What does he want?  Nobody knows for sure, but everyone must scramble to keep one step ahead of him. Even the ghosts are baffled as they watch the drama unfold.

This third novel in the Traces of Treasure series is a fast-paced thriller, full of the twists and turns every reader expects in a good mystery.

What They Are Saying About Lucky Strike

This time out, a treasure found a continent away and decades ago, brings the wrath of one man to Sam Milton and Smidgeon Toll’s doorstep, leading one on a cross-country search for clues as the other suddenly disappears. Meanwhile, a hidden cache lay hidden, perhaps protected by an old curse of the ghosts who fell to its pull.

In Lucky Strike, Thomas Fenske uses his signature style to its best advantage as mystery, mayhem and murder meet small town ingenuity with the help of ghosts from the past!

—Tome Tender Book Blog

Changing focus from the lost gold mine to a mystery buried treasure from World War II, Fenske steps it up in the complexity department. I’m impressed by his ability to weave together so many disparate parts into a coherent whole, slowly revealing bits of information both about the resolution of the mystery and about the characters we’ve met through the first two books. World War II, deserters, and buried treasure; international criminals, kidnapping, and murder. Oh, and our friends the ghosts, who once again play a pivotal role in the resolution of the key drama.

—The Edifying Word Book Blog

The war wasn’t over for Cerides, an Italian defector, who felt cheated by the soldiers who had rescued him. A decades-old grudge reignited an internal war within Cerides as he set out on a vendetta to the small Texas town of Van Horn to find his enemies and reclaim his lost treasure. Sam Milton once again finds himself in the thick of things after a clue is found during the reconstruction of the Mossback Café.

Thomas Fenske weaves together an intriguing story full of suspense, mystery and murder, with an added paranormal twist.

—Marianne Reese Books





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