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Natural Obsession

Natural Obsession

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By Carol McPhee

Laurel Jenkins has no dashing Prince in her life, but given her independent spirit, she manages well on her own...up to now. With the approach of her fortieth birthday, she faces the dilemma of proceeding through life as she is or adding a new dimension in the form of motherhood. Shunning the prospect of male friends contributing to an involvement that might not work out, she decides to opt for medical technology. The appearance of two new gentlemen in her small world heaves a wrench in her plan.

What They Are Saying About Natural Obsession

“In her typical fashion, Carol McPhee delivers a story that is multi-layered, with engaging characters and intricate relationships. Natural Obsession presents a romantic triangle in a contemporary story played out against the love story between a pirate and his lady in another time.”

Linda Rettstatt

“Carol McPhee weaves romance and suspense, the past and the present, for a tale that keeps you guessing until the very end.”

Helen Henderson

“Ms. McPhee writes about realistic people with realistic problems and I’’m never disappointed with her storylines.”

Mary Veelle

“Using a Canadian East Coast scenario, Carol weaves an intriguing and romantic tale. With a supporting cast of interesting characters, the author, in her usual deft manner, manages to resolve the heroine’s problem and bring the story to a satisfying conclusion.”

Douglas Thompson,

 Carol McPhee: Multi-Published, Award-Winning Romance Novelist Strong, smart, sensuous heroines; heroes to die for.



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