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None So Blind

None So Blind

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By Carol McPhee

Recklessly impulsive, red-haired Kate McTavish, crashes into the regimented life of a man trying to escape the bitter memory of another redhead.

Despite Kate’s ensuing afflictions and their clash of personalities, Kate and Dayton Deveraux learn the truth of the adage: "There are none so blind as those that will not see."

What They Are Saying About None So Blind

A harrowing car crash, a reluctant hero, and a life-changing disability. Carol McPhee weaves a tapestry of colorful characters into a page-turning love story filled with secrets, lies, betrayal, and the healing power of true love.

Contemporary, Historical and Paranormal Romance

Witch Hunt—New Concepts Publishing (March 2006)

Lost Lady—Wings ePress (May 2006)

Alaskan Hideaway—Wings ePress (Aug. 2006)

Broken Wing—Wings ePress (Sept. 2006)

Carol McPhee’s None So Blind is an above average soap opera with willful, redheaded Kate McTavish continually trying to run away from herself and her problems, real and imagined. Dayton Deveraux, is the man who rescues her from her burning car. However, he is wary of hot-headed, redheaded women. I found this book well plotted with emotional conflicts and problems for both hero and heroine. It makes you wonder if love can really overcome their dilemmas.

—JoEllen Conger

Queen Of Candelore

Carol McPhee has written a spell-binding novel in which both Kate and Dayton face one painful situation after another, as they grow to love one another. They must both mature, and learn to accept what they can’t change. None So Blind is a beautiful love story where both the hero and heroine learn that love and trust can indeed be the cornerstone of a lasting relationship. This is one of those hard-to-put-aside novels where you must read the next page to find out what’s going to happen next.

—Allison Knight

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