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Song of Healing

Song of Healing

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By D. H. Parker

The Man from the Sea is in the legend, in the prophesy, in little Sarah Macneill's heart--until the traumatic reality of growing up buries her beloved fantasy.

Will the unexpected and unwanted resurrection of things past lead the adult Sarah to destruction or to her Song of Healing?

What They Are Saying About Song Of Healing

Silkie, Selkie, Sea-trow, Roane, People of the Sea... myth or fact? Sarah has been brought up on the legends of the Selkies, and The Prophecy that speaks of The Keeper of the Key, and Morag of the Promise. Is Sarah part of the prophecy? When two men appear, Andrew and Dafinn, Sarah has to choose which man to trust… and which man is the Man of the Sea, who comes when seven tears drop into the ocean. Seven of Sarah’s tears… An intriguing journey into the legends of Scotland and the Selkies, the mystery of a prophecy, and the dangers from the ones who would seek The Keeper of The Key for their own personal gain.

With an enjoyable cast of characters, a tender love story, and a strong blending of the paranormal, Song of Healing brings to life the legends of old, with the strong accent of the Olde Country and beliefs of another time. A fascinating read for anyone who loves a bit of everything!

—Angela Verdenius

Soul of the Forgotten

D. H. Parker’s Song of Healing touches the reader with ancient magic found in the power of seven tears in the sea and wishes fulfilled. A well-crafted tale of myth come to life, this story calls you to listen to the wind and waves, in hopes of experiencing the song and the love for yourself. Whether you call them Selkie, Seal, Roane, or People of the Sea you will believe in the Sea-king and definitely dream of a man from the sea of your very own.

—*lizzie starr

By Keltic Design

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