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Swords of Artaius

Swords of Artaius

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By William H. Russeth

Set in ancient Gaul 200 years before the Roman conquest, “Swords of Artaius” is a thrilling, fast moving adventure with mythological overtones and a strong element of romance. The fates of two desperate souls collide who find themselves clinging together in the face of a massive invasion of barbarous tribes led by the dreadful chieftain, Morga Raven Wings.

As they run for their lives, they watch the invading horde sweep through Celtica behind them, scourging the land and ravaging the impregnable fortress, Lugdunum. They find solace in each other’s arms, believing each night together will be their last. Artaius, cursed with episodes of unbridled anger, finds inner peace and relief from the demons that haunt him with Lughin’s affection. Trapped in the Brigantes stockade, the last bastion of protection, the only thing standing between them and annihilation is the bear-like trance and rage of Artaius the Bear.

What They Are Saying About Swords Of Artaius

“A super -fast read!! So much action and really terrific story! I thoroughly enjoyed it!!”

Camille Netherton,



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