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The Keepers

The Keepers

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By H. L. Chandler

Jessie Nolan has troubles enough.  Most of the time her mild psychic ability keeps her slightly off base.  Her daughter has a teenage attitude.  Her young son, Andy, has a powerful dose of Jessie's clairvoyance, and it terrifies him.  Her husband, Stan, is out of work and tempers are flaring.  When an ancient, evil Group picks Stan as their next inductee, Jessie learns what trouble really is.  In 1865 in London, The Group selected Robert Milton.  His family paid the price.  Now, it is the Nolans turn to fight for their lives and their souls as well.

What They are saying about The Keepers

Stan Nolan wanted the good life; money, fame, recognition.  He believed that he was entitled to these things and more.  Little did anyone know, he'd do just about anything to achieve that goal...even sacrifice the love & lives of his family.

When Stan is faced with an opportunity of a lifetime, his wife Jesse discovers certain new characteristics in him that she does not like.  Her family is picked up and shipped off to some resort that has recently been inherited by Stan.  She discovers Stan will do just about anything to make a name of himself.. and its tearing their family apart.

Jesse will do anything to keep her family together.  Will her love for her family be enough to keep them alive?  Will Stan ultimately choose power over family?

What a thrilling ride  H.L. Chandler brings us in this exciting, plot twisting, never-know-what’s-gonna-happen-next type of storyline.  The characters were brilliantly created… some you love, some you hate.  The mixture of horror/suspense is blended perfectly.  The Keepers has you scared one second…and at the edge of your seat the next.

I, personally, can’t wait to see what H.L. Chandler has in store for us next.

Karrie Cameron

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