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Yours Till Niagara Falls

Yours Till Niagara Falls

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By Peggy P. Parsons

Embarrassed by her attempt to warn Jade about a conniving college classmate, Kia flees to her beloved Camp in the Adirondack’s to mourn the loss of her family. When Jade shows up uninvited and unexpected, she agrees to let him stay in one of her log cabins. Although she isn’t ready for love, she wants to trust Jade, but his association with her unscrupulous ex-boyfriend, makes it difficult to believe he isn’t there for a sinister reason.

What They Are Saying About Yours Till Niagra Falls

Peggy caught the spirit of the “lake folk” in the Adirondacks and the family ties that are so special. Also the nature and beauty of the area. It made me want to pack my bags.

—Edith Ruhlman

Adirondack Camp Owner

Kia Pierpont, having lost her family tragically and suspiciously, goes to the healing cocoon of her family Camp in the picturesque Adirondack Foothills to mourn. While there, Jade Spencer arrives under false pretenses and transforms Kia’s sadness to love through his gentle empathy. However, danger lurks in the secrets of the Camp and an evil person who could destroy them both. Must read to see the twists and turns of these interesting people in a beautiful location.

—Rita Irwin

Hometown: Lowville, New York

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